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My name is Dr. Jared Hymas and I am so glad that you found my website! You will come to find lots of good information on this site that can benefit you. We have blog articles that are educational which help explain chiropractic and other health related topics. You are probably looking to select a chiropractor, however there are many choices to pick from!

Whatever  you decide here are four things to look for when considering your chiropractor…

    1. You should insist that your time be respected. At our office we have dedicated appointment times for new patients to ensure that we are able to see you at your appointment time. After all your time is just as valuable as the doctors.
    2. You should insist that your chiropractor be up to date on the best ways to provide health care as supported by scientific research. As a recent graduate from the University of Western States, Dr. Hymas has been well versed in all the latest advancements in the chiropractic profession.
    3. You should insist on a chiropractor  who makes recommendation based on what is best for the patient. That is why our clinic offers various treatment programs that will be best suited to your needs.
    4. You should insist that your chiropractor do more than just  adjusting. This is why our clinic places on emphasis on soft tissue work through focused massage, physical therapy modalities, and kinesio taping.

Now I would like to take you on a tour of the office. Enjoy the show as I guide you around!

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Dr. Hymas is proud to be a chiropractor