Twin Falls Chiropractor

Welcome! I’m Dr. Jared Hymas, and I think I know why you came to this website. You are likely hurting, and wanting to get out of pain, but you aren’t sure who you can trust. Perhaps you are looking for a natural and holistic way of dealing with your pain. Perhaps you are new in town and don’t have a chiropractor yet. Or maybe you have been to a chiropractor before and had to sit through two hours of “education” in an attempt to get you to sign up for a multi-thousand dollar care plan.  

Whatever your reason for being here let me share with you why you should give Integrity Chiropractic a try:

  • The average chiropractor spends 5 minutes or less with their patient. I believe in the value of the Doctor-Patient relationship, which is why you will get nearly three times the amount of face time with the doctor.
  • You have no need to worry about being pressured into a long term care plan at Integrity Chiropractic. I am more interested in your health than you wallet.
  • More than just adjusting the spine I have been trained in Advanced Muscle Integration Technique (AMIT) which allows me to identify areas of your body that are compensating for weakness.
  • In addition I have learned how to give and interpret a functional movement screen (FMS), and have been certified in fascial movement taping (FMT). All of these are tools which allow for me to offer the most complete care possible.

I understand when it comes to your health you want someone who will take care of you and not take advantage of you. By providing world class patient care, and world class client service, Integrity Chiropractic provides an unparalleled experience in health care. My goal is to make your journey to wellness as effortless as possible.

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The Benefits

World Class Service

Just as important as your results from care, is the journey you take to get there. At Integrity Chiropractic we are focused on providing the best client service possible. Our aim is to not only get you feeling better, but to give you an unforgettable journey along the way.

Longer Appointments

The average chiropractor spends 5 minutes or less with each patient. We believe in the value of the Doctor-Patient relationship, which is why you will receive nearly three times that amount of face time with the doctor.

In Depth Assessment

At Integrity Chiropractic we actually listen to you and honor your story. We then seek to understand where you're hurting and how we can best help you, with a thorough examination. All this will provide us the needed information for our best care recommendations.

Conditions I treat

There are a variety of reasons why patients seek my care - from those seeking only pain relief to those seeking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Here is a brief overview of conditions I can help you with:

• Headaches • Joint Pain • Neck Pain • Shoulder Pain • Knee Pain • Back Pain • Chronic Pain • Sprains/Strains • Muscle Stiffness • Sciatica • Sports Injuries • Pinched Nerves • Ankle pain • Tennis elbow

Services I provide

Helping my patients predict and prevent injuries is at the core of my approach to my care. The following are some of the services I offer:

• Chiropractic Treatment • Deep Tissue and Sports Massage • Advanced Muscle Integration Technique • Rocktape • Pain Prevention Exercises • Injury Rehab and Recovery • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Work • Wellness and Maintenance Care

Results You Get

The ultimate goal of my treatments is to get you moving better, functioning better, and living healthier. The results you will achieve are based on the goals that you set which may include:

• Less Pain and Increased Comfort • Improved Performance • Decreased Stress • Decreased Risk of Injury • Increased Pain Prevention • Enhanced Quality of Life