Pay As You Go

  • $40 a visit
  • Chiropractic adjustment plus soft tissue work
  • No card on file required

Family Monthly Membership

  • Members must be of the same immediate family
  • $120 a month
  • Add Advanced Care Pack
  • $40 Additional per person per month
  • Requires a card to be on file

Individual Monthly Membership

  • 1 person membership
  • $60 a month
  • Four visits per month
  • Add advanced care pack
  • $40 extra per month
  • Requires card on file

Dual Monthly Membership

  • 2 members of the same immediate family
  • $90 a month
  • Add Advanced Care Pack
  • $40 per person extra a month
  • Requires a card on file


IMPORTANT NOTE: Integrity Chiropractic does not accept insurance. But we do provide a pre-stamped envelope, a receipt of services, and instruction on how you can submit your claim to your insurance company for possible reimbursement, which they will mail directly to you.

There are many reasons we have come to this decision. Doctor sanity is one of the top reasons. If you have never worked in the medical field then you don’t know what a circus it is dealing with insurance companies. You also wouldn’t know about the trivial reasons why claims get rejected, and the hours spent haggling with insurance companies just to get some form of reimbursement.

Here at Integrity we also don’t believe the insurance companies should dictate the direction of your care. We believe that the Doctor and Patient have a better understanding of how to address your health care issue, than the insurance company does. So we simply cut out the middle man.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but believe this decision allows us to provide the best service possible.



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