Has your horse ever experienced:

•   Difficulty bending or flexing the head?

•   Obvious neck or back pain?

•  Uneven gaits?

•  Uneven shoulders or hips?

•  Lameness?

•  Stiffness?

      Hi my name is Jared Hymas and I am a licensed chiropractor. I know how frustrating it is when your horse starts not performing as well as they used to. You feed your horse, exercise your horse, take care of your horse, and yet now your horse is acting differently and you’re not sure why. Maybe you have tried everything you can do, but nothing seems to be working.

I became a certified equine body balancer back in 2015 through Dr. Bill Hampton. Since that time I have worked with just about every type of problem a horse experiences that originate from the muscles or spine. I have learned how important it is to keep the muscles of the horse balanced in order to keep them working as best they can.

Your horse will run through a gait evaluation, that will be followed by an examination of the horses muscles and spine. Following this examination your horse will receive the necessary treatment to get them back in peak shape.

I’m proud to offer the first visit free to make sure that body balancing will be a good fit for you and your horse. Subsequent visits cost $80 per horse.